Club House
SMVE Entrance View

Inside the ClubHouse
Club House Use
The Club House is available only to Owners/Tenants for private social events for up to 150 people. For further information on Club House use please read the form at the link provided below. With the exception for Federal, State and local elections the Club House is not available to outside interests, or for public events. Club House use is by reservation only,
at least two (2) weeks in advance, and only for the main Club House room, the Kitchen, and the shared use of the Bathrooms. It does not include the Pool, Spa or Equipment. The rest of the Club House and Pool area must remain available for the resident's use. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. Management and Association functions take first priority in scheduling.

Please bear in mind that a reservation request is exactly that, "a request", and they are on a first come first serve basis, until schedules are checked and determinations made, no confirmation will be given or should be assumed.

To obtain a request form
please follow this...
Please print out the request, after filling it out please bring your request to the SMVECA office, or you may scan it and Email it as an attachment to , or you may fax it to the SMVECA office at (760) 727-3915. Thank You!